The Design Management training you’ve been waiting for

Empowering Designers to become outstanding leaders

“To me, a leader is someone who holds themselves accountable for finding potential in people and processes.” — Brené Brown, researcher and storyteller.

This training is for you if…

You dislike boring management trainings

You long for engaging, skill-focused learning that actively involves you and captures your attention effectively.

You want to improve processes

Identifying and eliminating bottlenecks or redundant steps, manage a smoother progression from concept to the final product.

You’re looking to take the plunge

Transitioning from individual collaborator to guiding and directing a team, making strategic decisions, and driving organizational goals.

You want to evolve your team

As a leader, you strive to positively impact the entire team, fostering creativity, efficiency, collaboration and psychological safety.

Making the transition from individual contributor to manager 

It can be challenging for designers to make the transition to becoming managers. Despite the abundance of training courses available for improving design skills and a plethora of generic management materials, there is not enough support for designers who aspire to become leaders.

At All-Round Leadership, we offer design leadership training tailored explicitly for designers either considering or have recently transitioned into a management role. Our program is designed to help you enhance your leadership skills and excel in your new position as a manager.

Made for designers by designers

Our training made by by ex-McKinsey and ex-BCG design managers, has been specifically crafted for designers looking to enhance their management skills. We understand that management practices can often be tedious and dull, which is why we have presented them in a design-oriented format to make them more engaging.

Our training will guide you on applying your design skills to management tasks and show you how to leverage your design expertise as a powerful leadership tool. Join us today to take your design career to the next level.

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